Posted on January 11, 2017. Region: Portage la Prairie, MB

I had this ad on a month or so ago and I had good feedback. I'm still looking for one or two more servers, so I figured I'd try this again!

We are looking for experienced serving staff. We are a licensed restaurant, so over 18 years of age is necessary for this position. We have varying shifts available, all part time.

I'm not going to sugar coat it like most other job postings. It's a rough job. You're on your feet for the entire shift. Your main focus is to get your tables their food and drinks exactly as they ordered. You will need to wash dishes, fill and stock sauces, clean in the downtime, run in the busy times, keep your tables organized and happy; all with a smile on your face. It can be a very stressful job.

Sometimes a hockey team will walk in with no reservation. So we figure it out. Sometimes a second team walks in 10 minutes after the first. We'll get through it. If this is something you want to try and tackle, I promise you... the first time an 82 year old woman hugs you and says thank you for the great service, or a 3 year old boy gives you the picture he's been drawing for an hour with your name on it... it will all be worth it.


1107 Saskatchewan Ave West
Portage la Prairie, MB

Job type: Part-time