Farmers Edge


For anyone who believes in the future of agriculture, Farmers Edge is the place to work. We are a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions our entire team is passionate about the possibilities of agriculture and is relentless in the pursuit of optimizing success for each and every grower. Our approach to customer service is partnership we take our cue from our growers. And we continually strive to find the best solutions delivered in the best way possible. To be on the leading edge of agriculture, you need to work for Farmers Edge.


Job Title Location
Precision Agronomist Regina, SK
Human Resources Generalist Winnipeg, MB
Big Data Architect Calgary, AB
Big Data Architect Winnipeg, MB
Location Supervisor Regina, SK
Cropping Systems Modeller (Junior) Lethbridge, AB
Solution Sales Specialist Leduc, AB
Precision Technology Specialist Brandon, MB
Soil Sampler - Term Regina, SK
Lab Dishwasher - Term Winnepeg, MB
Software Modelling Manager Lethbridge, AB
Technical Writer (IP) Winnipeg, MB
Customer Support Specialist Winnipeg, MB
Software Modelling Manager Winnipeg, MB
Technical Writer (IP) Winnipeg, MB