Since 1929, we've delivered electricity throughout our vast province. Today, we strive to serve an increasingly diverse and sophisticated customer base of more than 520,000 customers. Our team of dedicated employees is made up of nearly 3,150 permanent full-time employees. Our power assets: We manage over $10 billion in total assets. Our company operates: • three coal-fired power stations • seven hydroelectric stations • six natural gas stations • two wind facilities Our power suppliers: We also purchase power from the following producers: • Red Lily Wind Power Facility • SunBridge Wind Power Facility • Morse Wind Energy Facility • Meridian Cogeneration Station • Cory Cogeneration Station • NRGreen Kerrobert, Loreburn, Estlin and Alameda Heat Recovery Projects • Spy Hill Generating Station • North Battleford Generating Station Our total available generation capacity is 4,437 MW. Our power network: Our network serves a large geographic area and widely-dispersed population.. We maintain more than 157,000 kilometres of power lines, 55 high voltage switching stations and 194 distribution substations. Our company also has interconnections at the Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota borders. *Information as of March 31, 2016


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