Spanish teacher – primary and middle school

Posted on May 8, 2017. Region: Airdrie, AB

Company: Footprints for Learning Academy / Footprints for Learning Society
Business information: K-9 Accredited Private School. At Footprints, we believe that children are more than people to be molded; they are young minds waiting to be unfolded! As we create an optimal environment for meeting the developmental needs of our students, we look to those values which cultivate success.

Business address: 102- 2926 Kingsview Blvd Airdrie AB T4A 0C9
Work Location: Same as above
Type of Employment: Full time - Permanent
Estimated Start Date: August 25, 2017

Job Description:

We are currently looking for a full time Spanish Teacher to teach Conversational Spanish Fluency though the utilization of our In House Mastery of Verbs and Grammar Step by Step Spanish Curriculum and taught through the utilization of TPR and TPRS Second Language Acquisition methods. K-9 and middle school (jr. high-starting grade 7) Spanish Teacher.

• Teach Spanish as a second language through the utilization of TPR and TPRS methods for teaching second languages as per our school’s philosophy
• Prepare subject material for presentation according to an approved curriculum
• Teach students using lessons, discussions, audio-visual presentations and field trips
• Prepare, administer and correct tests
• Lead students in activities to promote their physical, mental and social development and their school readiness
• Prepare and implement remedial programs for students requiring extra help
• Develop course content
• Evaluate the progress of students and discuss results with students, parents and school officials
• Assign and correct homework
• Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops
• Identify childrens' individual learning needs
• Supervise students during recess

-Education: A bachelor’s degree in education is an asset
-Must have the training and the skill sets required for classroom teaching and specifically teaching Spanish as a second language
-Must have substantive experience, training and the necessary skills sets needed to teach Spanish as a second language through the utilization of TPR and TPRS methods for teaching second languages
-Must have the experience to take beginner level students through a Mastery Step by Step Curriculum that will enable them to achieve conversation fluency
-The occupation is not regulated. As per the private schools regulation, the operator of an accredited private school may employ a competent individual to teach a language in the school under the supervision of a teacher who holds a certificate of qualification as a teacher issued under the Act, which will be the case.

Personal Suitability
• Excellent written communication
• Values and ethics
• Effective interpersonal skills
• Excellent oral communication

Children's Ages:
Teaching Spanish to students from grade 4 to grade 9

Salary: $38.50 to $39.50 / Hourly per 40 hours per week

Benefits: Dental insurance and Blue Cross benefits plan

Important Information:
-8 hours per day, 5 days a week during days of the school calendar
-Schedule will be from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday. The teacher will have multiple Spanish Classes each day (about 5 to 7 approximately). 45 minutes block classes per day plus preparation and lunch time. They will also have recess supervision duties which completes the 8-hour day.

Apply by email: [email protected]
Apply by mail: 102- 2926 Kingsview Blvd Airdrie AB T4A 0C9


102- 2926 Kingsview Blvd Airdrie AB T4A 0C9
Airdrie, AB

Job type: Full-time