Concrete Labourers

Posted on October 11, 2021. Primary Region: Winnipeg, MB

We are looking to employ concrete laborers to be responsible for pouring concrete, then spreading and smoothing it using trowels or other tools.

To be successful as a concrete laborer, you should be up to date with the latest technology involving concrete work, possess the knowledge and skill of a specialist in the field, and maintain a high standard of work. Your ability to meet job specifications and make top-class finishes in concrete work will ensure your success.
Concrete Laborer Responsibilities:

Designing and building forms.
Setting up the forms.
Pouring concrete.
Using wire mesh to reinforce the concrete.
Spreading and smoothing concrete.
Molding expansion joints and edges.
Applying waterproofing and sealant to protect the concrete work.
Monitoring the material to ensure it hardens to a durable finish.

Concrete Laborer Requirements:

High school diploma.
Ability to perform strenuous tasks with your hands.
Ability to kneel, bend, and lift heavy materials.
Ability to measure accurately and read specifications.

Entry level and skilled roles available!

$17.00 - $25.00 per hour - Based on Experience
OT after 8 hours
Paid Weekly
Seasonal to Permanent

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Job type: Contract

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