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Posted on May 13, 2022. Primary Region: Portage la Prairie, MB

genAG is currently seeking a Branch Leader for the Winkler Agricultural Equipment Dealership. Applicants who meet the criteria (below) may send their resume to . genAG Inc. is a family-based company that believes every person should have the opportunity to use their skills and passion in ways that are fulfilling and productive. Our success comes through our working and growing together, and through our service to others. If you are an experienced Team Leader, who desires to work in a great team environment, and who desires to have an engaging and fulfilling work experience, this may be the right opportunity for you.

Key Responsibilities include:
 Working with company owners to develop annual budgets and sustainable growth strategies for the company
 Setting attainable objectives for each department in your branch, and empowering the teams to attain the established goals
 Developing and driving a mindset of continuous improvement within the branch
 Developing processes in harmony with the other branches to better manage the company’s resources and departments, to meet or exceed the established companywide targets and objectives
 Providing coaching and mentoring to the people in your care through daily check ins, leading weekly meetings, and assisting department managers with strategy, problem solving and implementation
 Developing respect for the importance of workplace safety in an agricultural equipment workplace, ensuring that the safety committee initiatives continue to progress
 Take part in employee review and hiring processes

The successful Candidate will be primarily accountable for:
 Implementing the growth strategy of the company for the Branch and adhering to the established budget
 Building a strong team, with a focus on Employee Engagement, strong Communication and Performance Management
 Partnering with other branches on companywide projects and targets
 The Health and Safety of its employees within an agricultural equipment work environment

You Are:
 Enthusiastic and creative, with 10+ years of team building / management experience who is actively learning and growing in your own skills and expertise
 An Advocate for building a Workplace Culture that strives to ‘do better’ everyday
 Someone who sees the team as a ‘family’ and is a Coach/Mentor to those in your care
 An Excellent Communicator and successful at solving complex problems
 Available to work full time (some flexibility is available)

You have:
 10+ years of management experience in a medium or large sized company
 Proven track record in building and supporting teams
 Excellent rapport with staff and customers
 A ‘serve to lead’ leadership style
 A passion to ‘grow’, ‘inspire’, and instill confidence in people
 A general familiarity with the Ag industry


24084 PTH 3 East
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, MB

Job type: Full-time

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Dorothy Young