DVD Merchandising Specialist

Posted on August 1, 2017. Region: Weyburn, SK

Retail, Sales

Title: Part time Retail DVD Merchandising Specialist

Job Description

The role is a merchandiser on the MET (Mosaic Entertainment Team) team. This is a team of about 300 reps that are responsible to visit Walmart locations and represent over 15 different clients in field including: Paramount, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and General Mills. This is a mainly entertainment merchandising focused role in which you will execute 2 days per week. It is mandatory for the role that you are available on Tuesday mornings (beginning as early as 7am) as this is the new release day for about 95% of DVDs, games & music. On release day, our team is busy getting the product out on the shelves- this includes building corrugate displays, merchandising product according to a planogram, labeling DVDs, POP placement and negotiating front of store exposure. The end of week shift can be completed on either Thursday or Friday and is mainly focused on processing returns. General Mills is a new addition to this team and you will be responsible to perform general merchandising initiatives for this client in store- focused on all categories for General Mills.

Hours: - 8hrs/week

Days: - Tuesday (Mandatory) and Thursday/Friday - as early as 7:00am


1000 Sims Ave
Weyburn, SK

Job type: Part-time