Student Services Mental Health Capacity Building School Coordinator

Posted on July 25, 2022. Primary Region: Weyburn, SK

The Student Services Mental Health Capacity Building School Coordinator works closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) Provincial Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) representative. This position is responsible for providing leadership, direction, supervision, and structure to support the overall objectives of the MHCB initiative.

Required Education, Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:
• A related post-secondary degree or diploma in the health or social sciences field (e.g., health promotion and prevention, kinesiology, social work, nursing, psychology, public health, social sciences), or a relevant combination of education and experience.
• A minimum of 3 years of experience working in promotion and prevention of addictions and mental health.
• Knowledge of mental health and wellness, health promotion and prevention, and child and youth development.
• Knowledge and understanding of the social determinants of health.
• Effective verbal and written skills including the ability to listen to others and communicate clearly.
• Strong facilitation and leadership skills which includes supervision of staff or students.
• Ability to work in a self-directed manner.
• Ability to engage others and develop working relationships with community partners.
• Knowledge and skill in program development, facilitation, and implementation, as well as change management.
• Understanding of and ability to practice personal and professional boundaries and ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
• Resilience and a commitment to professional and personal development.
• Awareness of the community’s economic, cultural, social, and political environment.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
• Knowledge of social media tools is an asset.
• A satisfactory Criminal Record Check.
• Where applicable, prior to commencing duties, provide proof of licensure or registration with the approved Saskatchewan regulatory college.

Required Skills and Abilities:
• Demonstrated ability to establish a strong rapport with students and school personnel.
• Demonstrated ability to manage high stress situations.
• Demonstrated ability to engage others and develop working relationships with community partners.
• Demonstrated understanding of, and ability to practice, personal and professional boundaries.

• Demonstrated ability to facilitate and lead communications and professional development on mental health and well-being.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team member of the Student Support Services department.
• Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple demands and effectively manage time.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Without restricting the generality of the purpose above, the Student Services Mental Health Capacity Building School Coordinator shall perform such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not restricted to the following:

Training and Development

• Develop and implement a service plan that aligns with MHCB objectives.
• Liaise with school and school division administration, Saskatchewan-based MHCB partners, and other community partners and stakeholders and participate in developing a comprehensive mental health action plan.
• Engage key partners and stakeholders in community collaborative networks to make connections to specialized mental health and addictions services and community resources.
• Be involved in planning awareness events (e.g., mental health week).
• Participate in school division staff professional development and in-service training to build their mental health capacity.

Leadership and Management
• Provide leadership, coordination, and supervision of the MHCB initiative and MHCB staff member(s).
• Coordinate and collaborate with community partners while managing service needs and priorities.
• Ensure that best practices and strategic use of human resources are used when determining mental health programming.
• Oversee and ensure overall quality and consistency of MHCB services and programming, and adherence to MHCB mandate and provincial objectives.
• Connect and collaborate with other MHCB School Coordinators in the province to identify challenges and celebrate successes.
• Ensure records are maintained and in accordance with the Health Information Protection Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
• Ensure compliance with the SHA funding agreement.

Research and Statistics
• Monitor and assess the quality and effectiveness of programming, administer surveys and other assessment instruments, and refine actions as part of a continuous improvement approach.
• Oversee the dissemination and completion of evaluation surveys as required by the SHA.
• Analyze change processes and making necessary adjustments to maximize effectiveness of the initiative.

Financial Responsibilities
• Provide a high level of fiscal control and accountability for the budget.
• Plan and determine allocation of resources.
• Ensure timely submission of financial, statistical, and narrative reports as required by the SHA.

Other Responsibilities
• Be knowledgeable and supportive of applicable Division Administrative procedures.
• Conduct oneself in a manner appropriate to a professional learning environment.
• Deal tactfully with staff, students, parents, and the public.
• Perform additional duties as assigned by the Coordinator of Student Services.


Weyburn, SK

Job type: Full-time

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Cheryl Anderson - Coordinator of Student Services
Phone: (306) 848-4798