Sow Barn Manager

Posted on September 21, 2022. Primary Region: Westman Region, MB

The Sow Barn Manager must be a leader within the barn but also take a significant role in the day-to-day activities throughout the barn, including:

  1. Working with the management to implement and manage strict biosecurity programs, setting and achieving specific production goals.
  2. Monitoring pig champ records to achieve production goals.
  3. Following and implementing the group work plan for both farrowing and breeding/gestation areas.
  4. Dealing with employee concerns and relaying these to management.
  5. Implementing vaccination programs and ensuring vaccines are handled and administered properly.
  6. Ensuring that a worming program is followed through.
  7. Checking feed inventory and ordering as required.
  8. Ordering medication as needed by the farrowing and breeding supervisors.
  9. Implementing culling criteria.
  10. Monitoring replacement gilt health and condition.
  11. Identifying gilt replacement rate as needed. This will be determined by culling levels and also by production flows.
  12. Monitoring ventilation and heating throughout the whole barn.
  13. Managing, coordinating, and participating in barn washing.
  14. Ensuring proper handling and storage of semen.
  15. Implementing maintenance schedules.


Melita, MB

Job type: Full-time

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