Posted on November 23, 2022. Primary Region: Westman Region, MB

• Responsible for proper surface preparation on all parts and assemblies for painting.
• Mix paint and other materials according to specification or formula.
• Responsible for the identification and separation of non-conforming parts or materials and reporting them to supervisors.
• Follow company requirements to select paint, and match colors of paint following specified color charts. Maintains adherence to specifications.
• Utilize spray gun and apply paint in conformance with all specifications for various assemblies, vehicles, subassemblies, parts, plant equipment, and fixtures etc., according to operation sheets, sketches, verbal instructions, and/or commercial and government specifications.
• Employ heat or oven paint drying techniques for special purpose finishes.
• Monitor machine gauges and equipment operation to discover defects/deviations from standards and make necessary adjustments.
• Responsible for handling material and machinery to and from proper locations using equipment such as overhead cranes, forklifts, and other relevant tools.
• Utilize solvents, wire brushes, and cloths for cleaning sprayers and power equipment.
• Responsible for keeping work area clean & painting equipment is in good working condition.
• Reporting damaged tools, equipment, and materials to the appropriate management.
Requirements & Skills:
• Familiar with safely handling solvents and chemicals.
• Competent with blending paint and adjusting paint guns and systems.
• Expertise in utilizing various spray-painting tools and equipment such as pressure pots, spray guns, hoses, nozzles, gauges, cup guns, conveyor line, paint gun cleaner unit, protective spray-painting equipment, paint shakers.
• Aptitude in using various hand tools, including wrenches, pliers, and hammers.
• Expertise in reading Wet Film Thickness Gage as well as reading and interpreting Product Data Sheets. Can identify and correct paint defects.
• Adheres to work Instructions and regular cleaning of paint equipment.
• It is essential that a spray painter can work in confined spaces and at various heights to execute their job tasks.
• Team Player: The spray painter does not work alone but in a team. To perform their duties successfully, it is vital that they can cooperate with others on the team, executing assigned tasks and contributing to group efforts as needed.
We are team-oriented organization and are looking for highly motivated individuals. We offer a clean and safe working environment with opportunity to advance within our company.
Positions available are full-time with competitive wages and full benefits/pension packages.
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Jeff Doerksen
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Job type: Full-time

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