Maintenance Worker

Posted on May 12, 2023. Primary Region: Moose Jaw, SK


This maintenance technician will be responsible for the overall upkeep of the Coteau Range Manor and all areas related to the day to day operations. The maintenance technician will answer to the Operational Manager of the Coteau Range Manor.

Part time - min 24 hours biweekly

Some of the tasks include:
- Painting as needed
- Snow removal- walkways, fire escapes
- General day to day maintenance
- Monthly inspections
- Check maintenance book daily on starting shift
- Check furnace, boiler and water
- Check Fire suppressant gauge
- Take recycling out to town multi bin
- Maintain flower beds and trim trees
- Check crawl space
- Wash front and back entry, dinning & entrance as needed
- Clean windows spring & fall
- Spray for weeds around parking lot spring & fall
- Check for pesticides , fill bait stations twice yearly inside & outside
- Repair equipment and replace toilets when needed
- Change air filters every 2 months end of halls
- All inside repairs
- Supply own power tools


201 New Warren Place
Avonlea, SK

Job type: Part-time

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Contact Information

Marlyn Stevens
Phone: 3068682221