Health Director

Posted on May 26, 2023. Primary Region: Portage la Prairie, MB

Position: Health Director
Location: Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation
Closing Date: June 5, 2023

Immediate Supervisor – Chief and Council

Primary Duties – The Health Director is in charge of the day to day implementation of the Health Program of Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation and the provision of directions to all of the Health Program Personnel.

Specific Duties – without limitation to the above primary duties, a Health Director performs the following specific duties:

As to day to day operations of the Health Program
1. Has the overall responsibility for the effective and efficient operation of the Health Program within Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation;
2. Works cooperatively with Chief and Council, Finance Officer and Accounting Clerk so that financial information is communicated to the Dakota Plains Finance Department as the same relates to the Health Program;
3. Prepares meaningful Service Delivery Reports as to the Health Program and circulates the same to Chief and Council and the Health Committee;
4. The Health Director works cooperatively with the Health Committee on matters relating to the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery within the Health Program for Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation;
5. Manages, coordinates and participates in long term planning for the Health Program of Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation in consultation with the Health Committee as the same relates to service delivery issues, and with Administration as the same relates to operations;
6. Monitors service delivery and associated budgets for the Health Program on an ongoing basis to identify deficiencies or inefficiencies and take corrective action;
7. Completes or delegates responsibility for ISC reporting requirements;
8. Ensures input and output arrangements for the Health Program with Federal and Provincial organizations that provide funding to Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation are effectively developed, negotiated, implemented and evaluated;
9. Develops and maintains policies, procedures and systems to create and maintain an efficient and effective Health Program Service Delivery;
10. Provides best efforts to maximize the annual budget of the Health Program and develop new Health Programs;
11. Keeps informed in all new Health Programs, job creation initiatives and other opportunities that would reasonably fall within the Health Program, as and when they make themselves available;
12. Prepares or manages the preparation of plans and proposals to take advantage of new Health Programs, job creation initiatives and other opportunities within the Health Program;
13. Develops and maintains a communication network and good working relations with persons and institution involved directly or indirectly in the Health Program;

As the immediate Supervisor to the Health Program Personnel
14. Manages and provides instructions to the support staff in the Health Program, as required from time to time;
15. Coordinates the advertising of positions of Health Program Personnel and makes recommendations to Chief and Council as to the hiring of the same;
16. Fires Health Programs Personnel in consultation with Chief and Council;
17. Implements verbal and written disciplinary measures involving Health Program Staff;
18. Prepares annual performance evaluations of all Health Program Staff who are not otherwise evaluated by other Health Program Staff;
19. Enforces organizational compliance within the Health Program concerning the provisions in the Operations Manual and assists administration to ensure that the Operations Manual is used as an effective management tool throughout the Health Program;
20. Is the arbitrator of disputes occurring within the Health Program and not otherwise addressed by way of specific provisions in the Operations Manual, and in the event such internal disputes cannot be effectively arbitrated by the Health Director, the matter will be referred to Chief and Council for resolution;
21. The terms of the Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation’s Human Resource Policy (“the Human Resource Policy”) are incorporated as part of the within Job description and the employee is required to become familiar with the content of the Human Resource Policy.
22. Complies with the terms of the Human Resource Policy as may exist from time to time and which terms are not otherwise in conflict with the within Job Description;
23. Adheres to the Codes of Conduct as contained in the Human Resource Policy as may exist from time to time;
24. Encourages and fosters a team spirit within the Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation and its operations generally.
Qualifications: The qualifications of the Health Director determined in the absolute discretion of Chief and Council depending upon the needs of Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation at the time. The following attributes are assets:
1. University degree in a relevant discipline;
2. Experience in health administration;
3. A member in good standing with the Manitoba Registered Nurses Association;
4. Carry and maintain in full force and effect insurance protection with the Association for Malpractice and Negligence;
5. Has successfully completed any one of the following:
a. A baccalaureate degree in nursing from a Canadian university or a recognized equivalent;
b. A certificate of a diploma in community health nursing from a Canadian university or a recognized equivalent;
c. Medical services branch approved training in community health.
6. Driver’s License and access to a vehicle;
7. Training and experience in human resource management;
8. Criminal record check disclosing no material issues;
9. Ability to work independently and within a team environment;
10. Ability to use good judgment and consistently display a positive and helpful attitude;
11. Ability to work with confidential and highly sensitive and personal information;
12. Working experience with First Nations with an understanding of the particular issues encountered by First Nations;
13. Knowledge of traditional cultural heritage and language is an asset.

Interested applicants are invited to forward a resume and cover letter, including two (2) references to Cara Leslie by email:


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Job type: Full-time

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