Jordan's Principle Coordinator

Posted on May 26, 2023. Primary Region: Portage la Prairie, MB

Position: Jordan’s Principle Coordinator
Location: Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation
Closing Date: June 5, 2023

Immediate Supervisor – Health Director

Primary Duties – The Jordan’s Principle (JP) Coordinator is in charge of the day to day implementation of the Health Program of Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation.

Specific Duties – without limitation to the above primary duties, a JP Coordinator performs the following specific duties:

As to day to day operations of the JP Program
1. Collaborate on the planning and implementation of a variety of community events to promote personal, family and community wellness;
2. Maintain clear, concise and accurate client records in compliance with relevant case management and administrative policies and procedures as they apply to the position;
3. Work collaboratively with referring agencies to identify at risk families and youth and their needs;
4. Work with the family and youth to develop wellness plans that are concrete, attainable and relevant to concerns that led to referral to the program, in a sensitive, respectful, First Nation centered and culturally sensitive/appropriate manner;
5. Monitor the physical and emotional well-being of all clients in order to be aware of changes and to alert senior colleagues as necessary;
6. Ensure regular contact and follow up on all activities contained within wellness plans;
7. Participate in and support program evaluation processes;
8. Participate in the provision of afterhours/on-call services as assigned;
9. The terms of the Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation’s Human Resource Policy (“the Human Resource Policy”) are incorporated as part of the within Job description and the employee is required to become familiar with the content of the Human Resource Policy.
10. Complies with the terms of the Human Resource Policy as may exist from time to time and which terms are not otherwise in conflict with the within Job Description;
11. Adheres to the Codes of Conduct as contained in the Human Resource Policy as may exist from time to time;
12. Encourages and fosters a team spirit within the Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation and its operations generally.

Qualifications: The qualifications of the JP Coordinator determined in the absolute discretion of Chief and Council depending upon the needs of Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation at the time. The following attributes are assets:
1. Experience in programs such as mental health, addictions or a related field is considered an asset;
2. Experience in health administration;
3. Experience in providing services to individuals in conflict with the law is an asset;
4. Experience in childcare services is an asset;
5. Experience providing First Nation traditional land-based recreation and programming;
6. A demonstrated interest and experience in community, cultural, and land based healing modalities and working with traditional helpers;
7. Driver’s License and access to a vehicle;
8. Criminal record check disclosing no material issues;
9. Ability to work independently and within a team environment;
10. Ability to use good judgment and consistently display a positive and helpful attitude;
11. Ability to work with confidential and highly sensitive and personal information;
12. Working experience with First Nations with an understanding of the particular issues encountered by First Nations;
13. Knowledge of traditional cultural heritage and language is an asset.

Interested applicants are invited to forward a resume and cover letter, including two (2) references to Cara Leslie by email:


PO Box 100
Edwin, MB

Job type: Full-time

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Cara Leslie
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