Service Technician

Posted on June 6, 2024. Primary Region: Westman Region, MB

AMVT LLC is a Katy, Texas based company specialized in sales, service, marketing and customer support of optical sorting machine commonly used in rice, grain, nuts, coffee and seeds processing and food inspection and packaging machine. Currently we are looking for one Service Technician in Canada to cover the service work in surrounding states/provinces.
Service Technician Job Qualifications:
· Fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;
· Experience in industry machinery sample testing, installation and service is preferred;
· A degree from vocational college or technical school in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering or related area is preferred;
· Good communication and interaction skills with people;
· Must be able to travel frequently to do on-site machine demo, installation and service.
Service Technician Job Duties:
· Customer sample test, evaluation and result summary in the lab;
· Color sorter and other machine on-site demo, installation, training and service for existing customers;
· Troubleshooting and any other technical support/service via phone/internet for existing customers;
· Organize trade show material and attend trade show;
· Ship and receive shipments, such as samples, machine parts and machines from/to customer and trade show, etc.;
· Keep good documentation of service and installation actions.
AMVT offers very competitive wage/salary. Qualified candidates are encouraged to send the resume for consideration.


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Scott Hainsworth
Phone: 2048233787