Primary Care Paramedic

Posted on April 5, 2018. Region: Weyburn, SK


HSE Integrated Ltd. is Canada's largest national industrial safety services company with operations across the country and in the United States. HSE provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of health, safety and environmental monitoring services to protect workers, assets and the community in the most cost-effective manner possible.

CATEGORY Medical Services



Position Overview The Primary Care Paramedic provides onsite emergency medical services within an industrial environment, tending to both urgent and non-urgent medical needs

Medical assistance at accidents, emergencies and other related incidents, usually in an ambulance or MTC
Assesses the condition of patients who are injured or taken ill suddenly.
Respond to emergency calls 24/7
Provides immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or on scene.
Applies splints to limbs, dressing wounds, administering pain relief, oxygen, drips and fluids.
Uses technical equipment (i.e. AED) in order to resuscitate and stabilize patients.
May administer IV and Entinox
May administer Oxygen
May administer Oral Glucose, D50, and Epi
Make available Over The Counter drugs (as required)
Make available ASA81mg (as required)
Monitors patient's condition.
Assesses whether and how to move patients and, where appropriate, the best location to transport them to.
Liaises with members of other emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade and other ambulance services to ensure the appropriate level of response is provided.
Deals with members of the public/worksite present at the scene.
Drives an MTC or other rapid response vehicle.
Cleans, decontaminates and checks vehicles and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness.
Maintains medical documentation and reports on patient's conditions.
Attend daily safety meetings
Obtain and maintain current all required certifications/certificates
Requirements/ Education

SCoP registered
WHIMIS/TDG/IPS New Hire Training
H2S Alive and PST (Petroleum Safety Training)
Class 5 Driver's License


Current (unrestricted) registration as an EMT with the applicable provincial licensing body
Valid class 5 driver’s license
Previous EMT experience
Previous industrial experience is an asset


1510 New City Garden Road
Weyburn, SK

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Ryan Bobier
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