Sewing Machine Operator

Posted on September 24, 2018. Region: Dryden, ON

Fulltime Position - In the Manufacturing of Sheepskin Products
* Friendly and have a personable attitude.
* have the ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
* pay attention to detail and take pride in producing a quality product.
* Enjoy sewing.
Responsibilities: Involves the selection and sorting of Sheepskins, hand cutting of material
and operation of Clicker Press, operation of Flatbed and Fur Machines, brushing and finishing of products. Job requires moderate physical strength.


PO Box 10, 20232 Hwy 17 W
Minnitaki, ON

Job type: Full-time

Contact Information

Egli's Sheep Farm Ltd.
Phone: 807-755-5231
Email: [email protected]

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