Housekeeping Aide - Casual

Posted on December 5, 2018. Region: Steinbach, MB


  • Completion of high school or equivalent.
  • Good command of English, both spoken and written
  • Ability to take direction in housekeeping duties and to carry through in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.
  • Mature and pleasant disposition.


1) To ensure the maintenance of a clean facility by:
- Cleaning resident rooms and hallways on a daily basis including floors, washrooms and furnishings.
- Cleaning, sweeping, mopping and dusting Nursing Stations and - Dispensaries on a daily basis.
- Performing thorough cleaning of all rooms on a rotating basis.
- Cleaning staff and visitor's washrooms on a daily basis.
- Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and dusting the offices on a regular basis.
- Cleaning, vacuuming and dusting the Staff Room and washrooms.
- Wiping and vacuuming facility furniture as necessary.
- Cleaning and dusting all ceiling fans regularly.
- Emptying waste containers and relining with plastic bags.
- Washing mops at the end of each shift and put in laundry pail.
- Washing and disinfecting all clean and soiled service rooms and storage rooms.
- Cleaning the underside of all Dining room tables regularly.
- Washing dining room walls and ceilings every six months.
- Take garbage to outdoor receptacle daily at the end of the day on weekends/holidays and in the absence of Maintenance staff.
- Re-stocking residents' rooms and washrooms.
- Re-stocking staff and visitors' washrooms.
- Re-stocking housekeeping carts and housekeeping rooms at the end of the shift.

2) To ensure a safe working environment at all times by:
- Reporting unsafe conditions and taking appropriate action to prevent accident/injury.
- Following all infection control practices including routine practices and additional precautions where required.
- Ensuring knowledge of and adherence to WHMIS program through knowledge of all MSDS sheets applicable to the Housekeeping department thereby ensuring safe handling and storage of all chemicals.
- Utilizing Personal Protective Equipment according to the MSDS and other policies and procedures.

3) To function as an ethical member of the multidisciplinary team by:
- Creating and reinforcing a caring environment that supports Residents in achieving optimal health outcomes, goals to manage illness or a peaceful death.
- Ensuring that information about the Resident that is observed, is to be communicated to the nurse in a timely manner.
- Communicating ethical concerns to the Housekeeping Manager

4) To be knowledgeable of, and work within, the Resident Bill of Rights, Mission, Vision and Values of Heritage Life PCH.

5) To understand and adhere to all standards, policies, procedures of the facility.

6) To maintain satisfactory working relationships with all co-workers and other departments of the facility.


100A Heritage Trail
Niverville, MB

Job type: Part-time

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Melissa Perry
Email: [email protected]

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