Furnace Operator

Posted on February 11, 2019. Region: Morden & Winkler, MB

Integra Castings is looking to fill a furnace operator position. We offer great a great benefits package and pension plan.

• Conduct a pre-startup/pre-shift safety inspection of all tools and equipment to be used.
• Start furnaces as per start-up instructions.
• Using the crane, place star-up blocks in the furnaces to begin the melting process.
• Calibrate all scales used in the melting and pouring process.
• Charge furnaces as per formulation for metal being melted (e.g. grey iron). This information is found on the Q.C. sheet. This includes adding carbon and silicon to the bath.
• As melting progresses, take a “Spectro” sample for the lab to analyze.
• Add all required alloys as per the lab recommendations.
• Periodically slag the furnace to ensure the impurities are removed.
• Using furnace controls, pour desired amount of metal into the “Transfer Ladle”, to prepare for pouring. The amount transferred is calculated based on the mold sizes being poured.

Previous experience is an asset.


200 Pacific St
Winkler, MB

Job type: Full-time

Contact Information

Jorge Bernal
Phone: 204-325-7376
Email: [email protected]

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